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Prospect Music Therapy

Call: (847) 580-3443

Email: info@ProspectMusicTherapy.net

657 E Golf Rd #301,
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Prospect Music Therapy’s Values

Prospect Music Therapy Mount Prospect

Celebrating Diversity

We help our clients learn to advocate for themselves and reach their goals while celebrating their true nature.

Prospect Music Therapy with Seniors Mount Prospect

Supporting Engagement

We utilize the inviting nature of music to help our clients connect with others.

Prospect Music Therapy Senior Center Mount Prospect

Increasing Communication

We support our clients in sharing their ideas and preferences, in whichever communication method is best for them.

The Power of Music Therapy

Let's talk about how music therapy can increase self-esteem, decrease anxiety, provide pain management, teach relaxation techniques, and provide spiritual support!

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Call: (847) 580-3443

Email: info@prospectmusictherapy.net
Visit: 657 E Golf Rd #301,
Arlington Heights, IL 60005