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Music therapists supporting others as they utilize their strengths, express their ideas, and find their happiness.

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Private Music Therapy

In our welcoming clinic or in your home, we help our clients improve communicationmanage emotions, and increase self-confidence with our creative, strengths-based approach.

Community Music Therapy

We give schools, day programs, and medical centers the opportunity to provide their students and clients with the best in creative arts therapy. Our innovative, budget-friendly programs increase patient satisfaction, student engagement, and client contentment.

Music Lessons and Classes

Music therapists make great teachers with their strong musical backgrounds and ability to adapt learning. Our team offers adaptive music lessons and early childhood music classes.

Dose of Inspiration

A classroom of students asked to write a song about their hometown, Deerfield. Their music therapist supported them in this effort by helping them write lyrics and choose the musical elements of the song, giving the students opportunities to practice executive functioning and social skills. The final result was an original song that the students wanted to sing repeatedly in future music therapy sessions.

Why does music therapy work?

Music is a whole-brain activity that generates physiologic responses. Its predictable and structured nature can improve attention, enhance learning, and expand communication. Music listening and creation are motivating social experiences that can access memories and express or alter emotions.

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Music Therapy Makes a Difference!

Let’s chat about how music therapy can help you, your loved one, your clients, or your students.

What are some benefits of music therapy?

BuildING communication

Providing an avenue for building an autistic child’s initiative and promoting self-advocacy.


Providing an adult with dementia opportunities for memory recall and positive changes in emotional state.


Providing a cancer patient with non pharmacological pain management.

LIFTING anxiety

Providing opportunities for a person with anxiety or depression to explore therapeutic issues and develop coping and relaxation skills.


Providing increased attention and focus for children with sensory needs.

developING Cognitive skills

Providing students with engaging opportunities to practice executive functioning, academic, and social emotional goals.


Prospect Music Therapy has been providing services for our functional life skills program for over five years. The kids look forward to their weekly sessions and love all of the songs, instruments, and activities. Loren and Camille incorporate movement, speech/ language and emotional regulation skills. They personalize each session to include students’ names and preferred song choices, as well as tying in curricular themes. Even during remote learning, Loren creatively solved problems to continue servicing students by providing Zoom calls, pre-recorded lessons and take-home music kits. We love Prospect Music Therapy!!

The Teachers

Pritchett School, D102

Residents at Ascension Living Nazarethville Place have enjoyed their twice-weekly Music Therapy sessions provided by Loren Goodman. They enjoy singing, playing rhythm instruments, and learning a bit of the history behind some of their favorite songs. Our memory-care residents, although significantly impaired, recognize Loren when she arrives with the brightly colored ribbons, scarves, and instruments that make their music time so much fun! I truly believe that this program is the best thing that has ever happened to our facility!

Carm Retzke

Director of Activities, Ascension Living Nazarethville Place

Dose of Research

Listening to and playing music increases the body’s production of the antibody immunoglobulin A, the cells that attack invading viruses and boost the immune system’s effectiveness. Music also reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol. (Chanda & Levitin, 2013)

How are we different?

Prospect Music Therapists work to create a positive, respectful relationship with each of our clients. We value diversity, utilize strengths, and encourage creativity.  We prioritize communication, collaborating with other members of our clients’ therapy teams, including their families.

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The Power of Music Therapy

Let's talk about how music therapy can increase self-esteem, decrease anxiety, provide pain management, teach relaxation techniques, and provide spiritual support!

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Visit: 657 E Golf Rd #301,
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